Monsoon Wet Downdraft Tables by Diversitech
Monsoon Wet Downdraft Tables by Diversitech

Downdraft Tables

Diversitech, a renowned global leader in air pollution solutions, offers a wide range of portable and stationary downdraft table options tailored for diverse industrial applications.

Our downdraft table selection applies to processes that include welding, grinding, deburring, cutting, sanding, finishing, soldering, painting or a mix of the above. With a commitment to addressing air quality challenges, Diversitech's downdraft table solutions are engineered to enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance in industrial settings.

Diversitech's Downdraft Table Selection

Workers in industrial settings, including CNC milling, machining, and metalworking shops, must exercise caution. Surprisingly, up to one million workers in the United States encounter hazardous oil mist every day. This fact is alarming because it's a well known fact that oil mist, smoke, fumes and other contaminants are harmful to workers, equipment and even facilities. Health conditions in workers can range from light eye irritation all the way to lung cancer.

Diversitech’s portable downdraft table selection offers flexibility. That means industrial workers can place them near a variety of workstations. These portable solutions are well-suited for dynamic environments, ensuring a controlled workspace.

For applications requiring a more permanent setup, our stationary downdraft table provides a stable and reliable solution. These tables are designed for consistent performance, capturing contaminants at the source and contributing to a safer working environment.

Diversitech's line up of downdraft tables are proven for their effectiveness in addressing air pollution challenges. Discover a range of solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

You will find downdraft tables in sizes that range from mini to DD 5 x 10. Each downdraft table on this page offers several benefits, features and specifications that are listed so you can make a clear decision about which option is right for you. You are certain to find the perfect downdraft table for the job. If you have any questions, contact us today to schedule a call.