Discover how to safely eliminate harmful oil smoke and mist from your facility
Discover how to safely eliminate harmful oil smoke and mist from your facility

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Diversitech, a global leader in air pollution solutions, offers a vast selection of product types for use with various industrial applications. Discover our most popular products.

Diversitech DD Downdraft Tables

Downdraft Tables

Installing Diversitech's high-quality portable and industrial DD Downdraft Tables as part of your production process will provide workers with a safe environment to accomplish their work, while ensuring a high level of quality and performance to which you’ve grown accustomed. Customizable and compliant with OSHA guidelines.

FRED Portable Fume Extractors

Portable Fume Extractors

Diversitech's FRED Portable Fume Extractors remove harmful welding, soldering, painting and VOC smoke and fumes from the air. Compliant with OSHA and NFPA regulatory guidelines, Diversitech's FRED Portable Fume Extractor series provides many benefits such as flexibility, safety, and easy maintenance.

Monsoon Wet Downdraft Tables

Wet Downdraft Tables

Diversitech's Monsoon Wet Downdraft Table series is the ideal solution for the safe capture and removal of combustible dust at the source, using water as the medium to bond to particles and render them harmless. Compliant with all regulatory guidelines and they are built with the highest quality materials.

Filterhawk Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Filterhawk Cartridge Dust Collectors by Diversitech remove airborne contaminants at the source, and comply with all required regulatory guidelines. They are easy-to-operate and require minimal space on the work floor. Recycling the air in your facility, rather than venting it out, can translate into lowered electricty costs.

Typhoon Wet Dust Collectors

Wet Dust Collectors

Diversitech's series of Typhoon Wet Dust Collectors are ideal for workplace applications like grinding and deburring, sanding and finishing and widebelt sanding. Aluminum, titanium and magnesium are common materials that are responsible for creating combustible dust in the workplace. Eliminate the risk.

Filterhawk Environmental Booths

Environmental Booths

Diversitech's Filterhawk Environmental Booths can be completely customized to accommodate your specific application. Common options include customized dimensions, dustproof light kits, custom backdraft hoods, crane slots, strip curtain, front doors, regain, HEPA after-filters and many more options.

Filterhawk Ambient Air Cleaners

Ambient Air Cleaners

Ambient Air Cleaners excel at extracting welding fumes, collecting dust and airborne oil mist from production shops and welding bays. They are typically setup in a wall-mounted configuration along a wall or column, or are chain hung with eyebolts on the trusses of a building, so your floor space remains unobstructed.


Our Commitment to You

Since 1984, Diversitech has been a technology leader in the Industrial Air Filtration & Dust Collection industry. Our goal is to provide you with the very best in-market solutions, allowing your business to be fully compliant with regulatory standards, while protecting the health and lives of your workers. We know that one size doesn't fit all which is why we offer engineered solutions that are right-sized to your specific needs.


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Combustible Dust

Combustible dust refers to metallic or non-metallic airborne dust that is capable of causing an explosion in your work space. Know the risks and how you can prevent them. Don't be a cautionary tale.

The hazard of combustible dust is usually ignored until it’s too late. What are you doing to protect your workforce from the dangers of combustible dust explosions?


Compliance with NFPA and OSHA guidelines helps ensure prevention of fires and explosions due to combustible dusts, and cleaner indoor air quality, ensuring a safe environment for your workers.

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Get the facts on dangerous industrial pollutants such as Hexavalent Chromium, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Oil Mist, and more. Whatever your application, you can take measures to reduce the risks.

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