Engineered Solutions

Custom Equipment Suited to Your Needs

At Diversitech, we understand that one size does not fit all. Every industrial manufacturer has their own unique needs based on the applications they use and the physical dimensions of their facilities. If you operate an industrial facility with any type of manufacuring process that produces smoke, fumes, vapors, or dusts at scale, consider talking to Diversitech about our engineered solutions designed to suit your specific needs.

Our application designers are cost-savings experts. The design principles employed are squarely focused on cost containment, most frequently accomplished by:

  • “Right-sizing” extraction and collection equipment
  • Design for concentric airflow patterns
  • Minimize use of energy wasting exhaust fans
  • Returning filtered air to avoid heat loss
  • Capture-at-source wherever possible

How It Works

Whether you are setting up in a new facility or retrofitting an existing one, Diversitech can guide you through the process of specifying your needs and evaluating alternative solutions.

View our case studies to learn how our engineered solutions have helped various manufacturers address their specific needs. Contact us today for more about how we can help.