Pneu-Hyd Industries Case Study

Clean Air Solutions for a Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer Pneu-Hyd Industries

The Problem

Pneu-Hyd Industries is a custom manufacturer of welded hydraulic cylinders based in Stoney Creek, Ontario. They manufacture cylinders for the construction, agricultural, mobile crane and many other industries. Pneu-Hyd’s facility features state of the art machining, welding, finishing and painting areas that required different air pollution solutions to handle each individual application.

The Solution

Diversitech installed four (4) DD 3x8 Downdraft Tables with the high static upgraded motor and filter kit. The tables also featured the Clean Air Workstation package to better contain airborne dust, as well as a crane slot so heavy parts could be craned onto the table, The right side wall was hinged to allow operators to overhang longer parts. Slotted backdraft hoods on the tables permit the welders to capture fumes higher off the table surface. Diversitech also installed three (3) FRED Ecos with 13-foot arms, allowing welders to easily remove weld fumes from larger workpieces. After solving the customers welding and grinding dust, Diversitech supplied Pneu-Hyd with 11 mist collectors to eliminate airborne oil mist from migrating around the shop. With the installation at Pneu-Hyd, Diversitech demonstrated that it can provide a complete turnkey solution to all types of industrial air filtration applications.

Diversitech's custom-built air filtration system manufactured for Pneu-Hyd Industries

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