Galt Display Rack Company Case Study

Overview Galt Display Rack Company of Cambridge, Ontario

Founded in 1960, Galt Display Rack Company Ltd. has been manufacturing floor covering fixtures and material handling equipment for the past 60 years. Located in Cambridge, Ontario, the company serves retailers and showrooms across North America. Supplying flooring display racks to businesses ranging from large retail chains to individual stores, they sell products including displays for area rugs, carpets, and ceramic and hardwood flooring.

The Problem

Indoor air quality was a big problem for the Galt Display Rack Company. Employing welding applications in their manufacturing process, their workers were exposed to a number of toxic fumes on a routine basis. Hexavalent chromium, metallic oxides, silicates, fluorides and shielding gases are just some of the harmful byproducts found in weld fumes. If left unchecked, breathing in weld fumes can lead to serious immediate consequences such as suffocation and asphyxiation. Other long-term health conditions posed by exposure to weld fumes include:

  • Lung and nasal cancers
  • Liver and kidney failure
  • Siderosis
  • Heart and skin disease
  • Emphysema
  • Silicosis

Understanding the seriousness of the situation, the Galt Display Rack Company explored multiple options to try to alleviate the problem and clean their indoor air. The biggest obstacle in their way was their limited floor space. Because their workers have to weld large products, source capture capabilities were not a feasible option. Trying a number of engineered solutions to eliminate the weld fumes, they installed source capture units, fume guns, fans and exhaust fans. All proved to be ineffective options and failed to improve their indoor air quality. In the end, the company was still faced with the serious issue of weld smoke contaminating the shop air.

The Solution

A leader in industrial air filtration, Diversitech specializes in offering its customers engineered solutions specific to their individual needs and challenges.

After an initial consultation, the Diversitech team determined that installation of five Filterhawk AM-Series Ambient Air Cleaners would be the best solution for Galt Display Rack. Allowing for a constant flow of air, the units pushed and pulled the weld fumes directly towards the cleaners and away from the welders’ breathing zones. Thanks to these high-powered cleaners, hazardous weld fumes no longer lingered in the shop air. The AM-series ambient units successfully solved their smoke issue and continued to work to keep their shop air clean.

And because these cleaners take up zero floor space, the AM-series was the perfect solution for Galt Display Rack. As an added bonus, the company was able to reduce their energy costs because the units recycled the indoor air, keeping it in the shop so no heated or conditioned air was lost. Galt Display Rack also loved how easy the units were to install and maintain with their evening filter change schedule.

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