Commercial Roll Formed Products Ltd. Case Study

Overview Commercial Roll Formed Products Ltd.

Founded in 1971, Commercial Roll Form (Commercial Roll) has established itself as a leading supplier of roll-formed products throughout North America.

Based in Brampton, Ontario, Commercial Roll boasts a 125,000 square-foot manufacturing facility featuring state-of-the-art machinery and ISO9001 certification.

The Problem

Commercial Roll Formed Products Ltd. recently added a robotic welding cell to replace some of the manual welding that was being performed in their facility. As opposed to manual welding, where smoke needs to be captured before it is breathed, with robotic welding, smoke can be captured in the room rather than at the source.

The Solution

A roof was installed over the cell to allow smoke to rise naturally upwards where it was pulled by the AirHawk and filtered internally inside the building – no need for venting outdoors which prevented negative air pressure and saved heating costs by retaining and recycling heated air.


This customer is extremely happy with the end result – smoke has been captured from the process and the transition from manual to robotic welding has been a smooth one due to Diversitech’s collaborative approach in finding an effective solution.

Airhawk Cartridge Dust Collector at Commercial Roll Formed Products Ltd.

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