Plastic Plus Case Study

Overview Plastic Plus of Toronto, Ontario

Founded in 1974 as a small, family-run business, Plastic Plus has evolved into Canada’s largest independent optical lab and remains at the forefront of lens manufacturing. In 2017, Plastic Plus was named the Optical Lab Products (OLP) Lab Innovator of the Year.

Its brand-new 30,000 square foot facility in Toronto has doubled the size of its manufacturing space, allowing for a 50% increase in capacity.

The Problem

Employees are exposed to fine, plastic dust generated in their lens grinding stations used for cutting lenses for eyewear. This dust is unbreathable and can cause respiratory problems.

The Solution

Diversitech installed an Filterhawk Central Cartridge Collector, connected directly to the lens grinding stations. This effectively eliminated dangerous plastic dust particles from being inhaled by employees. Due to space limitations, the collector has been installed outdoors but clean air is piped back into the building, eliminating heat and pressure loss.


This customer is happy with the Filterhawk solution since it not only eliminated fine, plastic dust but also did not require venting internal air outdoors, which provided substantial energy savings with respect to heating.

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