Clovis Community College Case Study

Welding Technology Instructor Seeks Solution for Welding Fumes Clovis Community College

The Problem

The Clovis Community College in Clovis, New Mexico is a leading welding educational institution which follows the American Welding Society’s “Schools Excelling through National Skills and Standards Education”.

The program at Clovis teaches Arc, Mig, Tig welding, Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting and welding health and safety. Sean Poindexter, the school’s welding technology instructor reached out to Diversitech to furnish a welding booth solution that would remove welding smoke from student's breathing zones, making for a safer learning environment.

The Solution

Diversitech designed a custom welding school setup using our Welding School WS Weld Booth series of units. The Booths incorporated options such as a backdraft hood to pull the fumes back away from the welders, a light kit to illuminate their workspace, and a welding jig so students could position parts for different welding applications.

Both Sean and Clovis Community College were extremely happy with Diversitech’s welding fume extraction system: “The booths are awesome and we really like them." said Sean. "They are high quality units and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for booths. We will be ordering 10-12 more of them from you as well.”

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