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Sanding and Finishing Dusts are Unbreathable

Breathing sanding dust can cause a multitude of serious health risks.Using any coated abrasive for sanding, polishing, or finishing introduces small amounts of both surfaces into the air. The particle size of the dusts produced in this application depends significantly on the abrasive’s grit size and composition, as well as the material being worked. Wood, metal, or plastics dusts each have specific health risks if inhaled.

Companies involved in sanding, polishing, buffing and the use of abrasives on belt sanders, time savers and bench grinders have to deal with the buildup of significant amounts of airborne dust. Frequently, the best way of eliminating finishing dust is to try and capture it at source. Most of this abrasive work is done over a table surface, therefore a Downdraft Table naturally lends itself to the effective capture and collection of composite, metal, plastic, wood and many other dusts.

Improving the air quality in your work space by using sanding dust collection equipment can prevent damaging lung conditions and long lasting health problems. Diversitech can provide comprehensive range of solutions including dust collectors, downdraft tables and environmental booths to extract your sanding & finishing dust.

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