Laser & Plasma Cutting

Does Your Workplace Use Laser & Plasma Cutting?

Breathing dangerous laser cutting fumes can cause a multitude of serious health risks.Laser and plasma cutting are two industrial applications that are used for a range of different projects. Laser cutting uses a focused laser beam that’s directed at the material to be cut, then vaporizes or melts it to create the finished surface or edge. Plasma cutting uses a jet of high velocity ionized gas that conducts electricity from the plasma cutter to the material. The work material is heated and melted, and the molten metal is blown away.

Laser and plasma cutting are efficient ways to accomplish many industrial cutting tasks, but they also create sparks and fumes that can be a danger to workers. These fumes must be captured and filtered at the source to prevent serious health risks.

Health Effects of Workplace Laser & Plasma Cutting

The health effects of laser and plasma cutting can vary depending on factors such as the quality of protection being used, how long workers are exposed to the fumes, what types of materials are being cut and how much space is available in the immediate work area. It’s up to you to train operators and educate them about the hazards of laser and plasma cutting, in order to minimize the risk.


Breathing dangerous laser cutting fumes can cause a multitude of serious health risks.At Diversitech, our air ventilation and filtration solutions enable you to filter hazardous fumes, at the source. Our range of dust collectors work well for filtering smoke and fumes from plasma cutting.

All of our ventilation and filtration solutions meet required regulatory guidelines, so you can feel confident that the equipment you place in your workspace will protect your workers and the workspace itself. Contact us today to speak with a Diversitech team member about which option is best for your needs. We will go through the options with you, and help find the most practical solution.

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